Grace Pond Farm

175 S Monmouth Rd
Monmouth ME 04259
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About Us

We are an organically certified Dairy farm in central Maine, and we deliver high quality milk to value added producers. Our goal is to participate in the amazing Maine food system, nourish our communities, and provide opportunity for Maine families to have high quality, locally produced, healthful options. 

Can we do this? Yes, we can!  We do this by milking happy, healthy, well treated, Jersey x Holstein x Brown Swiss dairy queens, while breeding for A2A2 genetics and BB genotype. Our Mamas graze as long as our Maine season allows, and are transitioning from a baleage, grain, dry hay diet to that of a dry hay, grass fed, and light grains diet over the next season. We're optimizing our components for Maine dairy craftspeople. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time to discuss having our award winning, organic, Maine milk delivered to your creamery!

Award winning, organic, Maine milk delivered to your creamery!

Additional Information

Milk Type : Cow, Organic
Where Porducts are Sold : Wholesale
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